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21 Super Bora Bora Facts, History And Tips

If you’re keen on discovering Facts about Bora Bora island and learning more about it, then you’re in the right place. Continue reading to ascertain about the mysteries of the island, its people, and much more.

History of Bora Bora

Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora, volcanic Island, in the Society Islands of French Polynesian. It lies about 165 miles (265 km) northwest of Tahiti, in the central South Pacific Ocean. The mountainous island of 6 miles (10 km) long and 2.5 miles (4 km) wide, has as its highest peaks Mount Otemanu (Temanu; 2.385 feet [727 meters]) and Mount Pahia (2.159 feet [658 meters]).

The Island was known in ancient times as Vava’u, perhaps supporting the notion that it was colonized by inhabitants from the Tongan island of the same time. ‘Bora Bora’ translates roughly as ‘first-born,’ indicating that it might have been the most significant island after Ra’iatea. As per local myth, the legendary Hiro, the first kind of Ra’iatea, sent his sin Ohatatama for ruling Bora Bora.

Polynesian settlers populated the Island during the 4th century. Jakob Roggeveen was the first European sighting Bora Bora in 1722. James Cook saw Bora Bora on his first trip to French Polynesia in 1769, and the London Missionary Society (LMS) base was established on the Island in 1820. In pressing for supreme control over Tahiti, Bora Bora supported Pomare but opposed the French protectorate (founded over Tahiti in 1842) until the Island was annexed in 1888.

Bora Bora, renowned for its water-centered luxury resorts, is the largest tourist destination in the world. The economy of the island is driven by tourism almost entirely.

Facts About Bora Bora Island

In contrast to other places in the world, there are so many things that make Bora Boraunique and special. Find out all the interesting facts of Bora Bora that you would certainly love to explore!!

Bora Bora Island History Facts

The island is fully equipped with interesting historical moments. Here are some facts about the history, intending to discover a different side of cherishing Island.

1) Volcanic Eruption

Over four million years ago, Bora Bora was formed by a volcanic eruption. It was uninhabited and barren for a time before individuals came from Tongan Island. They are thought to be the first one to lie foot on the island after the volcanic eruption. Around the same time, the island was known as Vava’u.

2) Pora

Just the letter ‘B’ does not exist in the Tahitian language; the island was initially named Pora Pora. Later, when the English pilgrims arrived, they misheard the name of ‘Bora.’ From that point, the name stayed as we still know it today.

3) Captain James Cook

Captain James Cook discovered Bora Bora in 1769. It was the first time that the island was recognized as an existing one. James Cook was on a mission in the region as a British explorer when he came upon the Bora Bora. That was the start of the missionaries that were developed there in 1820. Their main goal was to turn Polynesians into Christianity.

4) World War II

Believe it or not, in the mid-1940s during World War II, Bora Bora was an American supply base. The island was an ideal sanctuary for more than 6,000 US soldiers. Considering that, the islet Motu Mute was the primary gateway to and from the Island for suppliers, making it a key area. For protection, eight cannons were located on different sides of the island.

Cool Bora Bora Fun Facts

Let’s now jump to the exciting and cool side of the island. The most interesting and energizing facts you may or may not have heard before include:

5) Romantic Island

Most people call Bora Bora a romantic island. That’s fundamentally in the light of the fact that it’s the ideal spot for couples and honeymooners to crown their adoration. The formation of the coral reef that resembles a heart is another explanation that justifies the title of the ‘romantic island.’

6) The Meaning of Flowers

The Meaning of Flowers

In Bora Bora, each has a meaning and that includes flowers as well. The flowers mainly placed on the ears of women. That said, a flower on the lady’s left ear shows that in her life, she has taken and has someone she loves. On the other hand, a flower on the right ear indicates a green light for the decent men to approach her knowing that she is single and wants to mingle. The beaches are full of beautiful and young people, so this is a pleasant way of making a tease and having a lot of fun with locals as well as with tourists.

7) Tattoos


It’s a little strange, but tattooing in Bora Bora has a sacred meaning. Locals are certain that it is the god of creation that comes from the two sons of Ta’aroa. The drawings on the skin are often observed as a symbol of beauty.

8) Bora Bora in Movies

This Island is an exciting location for film shooting, among other things.  Among other films that have scenes shot on the island include XXX, Island Fever, the Typhoon, Sky Pirates, and even the unreleased TV series ‘To Remain Conscious of The Kardashians.’

Bora Bora Tourism Facts

If you’re ready to spend your vacation on this magnificent island, then below Bora Bora facts are for you!! They are related to tourism and indicate the memorable things Bora Bora has to offer to the visitors.

9) Activities and Attractions

The most activities and attractions in Bora Bora will undoubtedly need to be explored when you’re there. There is a cluster of things that can possess your entire time other than the homes. By swimming, diving, skiing, and swimming, you can find the depths of the tidal pond.

See things to do here.

10) Coconuts


You can see the coconuts almost on the island at any step. They are all over the place, from major fixings in the regular Tahitian dinners to visits where you can find out how to open one. There are also legends linked to the coconut palms on the island, articulating their significance for the locals.

11) Animals in the oceans

Surfing in bora bora

If Bora Bora is abundant with something, it’s the realm of life underneath the clear waters. You would have an incredible history for several animals swimming in the reefs and tidal pool. Go surfing or scuba diving to see these creatures at their best.

12) No Public Transit

As a tourist, you will learn Bora Bora has no public transit. Hence it’s one more on the list of Bora Bora facts related to tourism. But everything is accessible on the island. You can also take trips, most of which provide accommodation or ride a raft that will take you anywhere you need to go.

13) Most Stunning Beaches

Most Stunning Beaches

The island has one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire world. As per CNN’s piece on the World’s 100 best beaches, Matira Beach of Bora Bora found its position among the top ten.

Bora Bora Food Facts

Fish and seafood play a major role in Bora Bora cuisine and the Tahitian diet, as an island. Here are some Bora Bora food facts:

14) Unique Food With Influences Of Numerous Cultures

Bora Bora has a wide variety of foods, which have been influenced by different cultures. The Bora Bora is a mixture of traditional South Pacific food with a stronger taste and texture, with an intense Franco and Japanese influence.

15) Most Of Food Is Made In Traditional Pit Ovens

Most Of Food Is Made In Traditional Pit Ovens

The ovens known as ahimma, are made by digging a hole in the ground. Fire-heated stones are put into the hole. The food is placed on the hot stones and covered with soil and wrapped in banana leaves. Although the cuisine has changed over the years, Bora Bora still has a tradition of consuming Tahitian cuisine.

Bora Bora Economy Facts

Bora Bora island has an economy almost completely focused on travel. Tourism is the main economic activity and Bora and Bora and its people depend majorly on the tourism industry to drive its economy. Let’s look at some facts:-

16) Official Currency is the French Pacific Franc

While France uses the Euro, the Franc (abbreviated as CFP) is the preferred currency here. It is directly connected to the Euro, at a rate of CFP 119 to one Euro. Approximately CFP 110 is worth a dollar.

17) Spot for Celebrities and Billionaires

The well-known reality of Bora Bora is that this exclusive Island, with all its elegance and luxury, is the first choice and the favorite holiday destination for the super-rich and wealthy people. That is why it has a good economy.

Bora Bora Culture Facts

Bora Bora is rich in culture with different facts:-

18) The Bora Bora Flag

Bora Bora Flag Is Red And White In Color

The flag is distinct from the two official flags of French & French Polynesian. It has five horizontal stripes of alternating between the colors red and white.

19) Main Religion of Bora Bora is Christianity

In the 19th century, the Protestant missionaries brought Christianity to the island. That belief has influenced the region heavily and continues to play a role in the culture of the island and its people to this day.

20) Annual festivals

The year’s main festival is the hugely popular Heiva festival that takes place in July. On Vaitape, this colorful event features top music and dance performances as well as beauty pageants. The other event named the Hawaiki Nui Canoe Race, held in July.

Facts About The People

Find out about the people of bora bora

Lets have a look at interesting facts about the people of Bora Bora:-

21) Population

The island group has a permanent population of 9770. Most of the citizens live on the flat coastal region that surrounds the main island, with about half of Vaitape ‘s population.

22) No Public Cemeteries Here

Dear ones are buried in their own backyard. For this reason, selling their land is very difficult for residents as it would also mean selling your ancestors.

23) Half Of The Population Is Under 20 Years Old

Around 80 percent of the population of French Polynesia is Polynesian. 8 percent are of Frend descent and 12 percent are Chinese.

Did you know that no poisonous insects or snakes exist on the island Bora Bora.

Awesome Things to Do While Visiting

If you hunt for creating beautiful memories, Bora Bora is the best place to create unforgettable memories. Here are the things which you must try in if you’re planning a trip to Bora Bora:

Snorkeling In Bora Bora

When in Bora Bora, the clear waters and thrilling wildlife make snorkeling a must-to experience. You’re most likely at a beach resort or even in one of the bungalows over water. It’s quite open to going snorkeling anyway. After exploring the waters closest to you, venture a little further to find a greater variety of underwater sights.

Scuba Diving

Bora Bora is a perfect place to go deeper through scuba diving if you’re an experienced diver or learning for the first time. The conditions are very welcoming to the first time divers in warm waters and forgiving reefs. The water is so clear that a clear view of any wildlife from up above should be given by snorkeling, but plunging will bring you in.

Whether you’re in Bora Bora during your honeymoon, celebrating a birthday, or having a night with friends, having dinner on the beach is a beautiful way to enjoy your meal. Most resorts will easily send this request to make your evening special. Alternatively, you can still find an outdoor restaurant or go on a dinner cruise.

Sunset Cruise In Beautiful Bora Bora Island

A sunset cruise is another great opportunity for people visiting Bora Bora. You will go to the sea and enjoy some champagne and snacks while you enjoy inspired music and sun sights from the Island. The water is warm in the night so that you can snorkel back into the water.

  • Climb Mount Pahia

Mount Otemanu is the most prominent mountain in Bora-Bora. If you want to experience adventure and enjoy an incredible 360 view of Bora Bora, you can take Climbing Mount Pahia. It is tough but filled with full adventure, which can be a great memory.

  • Tahiti pearl market

Tahitian pearls are among the world’s most beautiful and desired Pearl Market. It is a family business that grows, jewels, and sells magnificent locally harvested pearls. Tahiti Pearl Market gives its customers the exclusive opportunity to choose from thousands of pearls of their choice and have them placed on the setting they want.

By searching using the box below you will find more unique experiences that you will just want to check out, I’m Sure or at least dream about them.

Last Few Words

Hope you enjoy your time on this exotic island as much as learning about the history of Bora Bora and the interesting facts about it. Turn dreams into reality by visiting Bora Bora and cherish your moments by exploring the real beauty of the island.

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